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De Anarchokrant (AK) is er weer! 🎺

De mei editie is nu te vinden in Rotterdam bij Leeszaal West (https://leeszaalrotterdamwest.nl) en ook straks bij Doe-Het-Zelf Werkplaats (http://doehetzelfwerkplaats.space), Kiosk (https://kioskrotterdam.com) en Varia (https://varia.zone).

AK is een verzameling van nieuws artikelen van anti-autoritaire, grassroot activistische en anarchistische websites. Het begon online en verschijnt nu als druk variant. Het is nog een werk in uitvoering en alle feedback is welkom. Men kan de krant zelf downloaden, uitprinten en verspreiden: https://vvvvvvaria.org/~decentral1se/ak/3/

Er zijn vrijwilligers in Rotterdam en Amsterdam die het verspreiden. Wil je mee helpen, laat het ons weten! Inzendingen voor artikelen worden ook op prijs gesteld!

In deze editie zijn er artikelen geschreven door @doorbraak, @Ravotr, @Jo, https://globalinfo.nl, IWW NL, https://stopwapenhandel.org, https://fva.wtf, https://www.hollanditispodcast.nl en nog meer! Dank jullie wel allemaal!

Je kunt ook je eigen blog beginnen en de RSS feed naar ons sturen dan worden je artikelen automatisch door gestuurd via de online FvA kanalen. Tip's, hulp, kritiek, liefde en hatemail kunnen naar fva AT riseup DOT net.

Deze krant wordt volledig gemaakt met vrije software zoals Octomode (https://cc.vvvvvvaria.org) en Paged.js (https://pagedjs.org). Dank aan @varia 👏

Meer info op https://fva.wtf/anarcho-krant. Delen, boosts en verder verspreiden wordt gewaardeerd 💌

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Last day to consider and send applications to join Varia as a new member! Check out the open call and send us your thoughts —> https://varia.zone/en/new-members.html

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#unbinare guides us into #dedbug -> challenging my small scale #e-waste soldering dexterity

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💗 Issue 2 💗 launches today 🐆 With new code-poems-writing from FRAN LOCK, CAMILLE AUER and MARA KARAGIANNI.

Listen to readings by visiting the RSS feed at 5pm (UK):

Or saunter to the site after 5pm today (UK)


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Apply and/or spread the word!

🔊 🎵 🕸️ 🔊 🎵 🕸️ 🔊 🎵 🕸️



WebSoundArt is looking for musicians, composers, sound artists, programmers who want to create a sonic artwork for the browser. We accept both individual and group applications.

Deadline: 31 August 2023, 23:59 CET

🔊 🎵 🕸️ 🔊 🎵 🕸️ 🔊 🎵 🕸️

on the same server


JavaScript for Sound Artists workshops

🔊 🎵 🕸️ 🔊 🎵 🕸️ 🔊 🎵 🕸️

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I don’t know what to call this technique. Yes, this does work. It’s a QUAD 2-INPUT AND GATE (HCF4081BE chip) with 10k pull-down resistors on each input and 15nF decoupling capacitor between the power and ground pin. Everything soldered directly to the chip, expect the output pins. Looks like a spider!!

I plan on making a modular system that is basically just chips soldered to panel, so to speak.

#Poopfer #PoopferMusikElektronik #AsModularAsPossible

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360 Degrees of Proximities

Panel streaming now from Ca La Dona, federated with systerserver's tube (in Spanish)


PANEL TRANSMISIÓN [/4PM] // Regularización ya / T.I.C.T.A.C. / Genderhacker / Feminist Ninja [ Castellano ]

@streaming @ooooo @natex @estragon @Pnze @ai

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Migrating some neat images of #electronics #innards as #aesthetic objects. This image via @tubetime & someone commented the wire squiggles are reminiscent of octopus limbs

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A great thanks to everyone who contributed to the program so far, including Femke Snelting/Digital Depletion Strike, Ren Britton, Systerserver (@mara @natex @ezn) Miranda Moss/Regenerative Energy Communities, @0000__0000 Annette Finnsdottir, data.coop, Yvonne and Ashley Sabin & David Redmon.

Stop by if you are in town, we are here until May 14. More info: https://vhs.data.coop/

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ვემზადებით ვორქშოფისთვის ქუთაისში <3 @flyingfish @makoo

Getting ready for our workshop in Kutaisi, Georgia

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360 Degrees of Proximities
feminists take back video!

This evening, 8 May performative event 6 to 8:
Feminist Servers, Fediverse Feminist Federation, Ca La Dona context

live stream on https://tube.systerserver.net/

by Systerserver / Winnie Soon
[ English with a Spanish translation ]

Stream updates on mastodon:

@ai @ooooo @natex @ezn @estragon @siusoon

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While being a resident at #osp in Brussels until the end of June, I will spend time to think and write about F/LOSS and collective design practices, with a specific focus on (inter-)dependency relations between practice, tools and working conditions and how they have an impact on these practices.

And voilà 🌬️, I wrote a first post on the osp blog to formulate the direction of this research:


#floss #collectivepractices #design #publishing #shouldertoshoulder

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360 Degrees of Proximities
feminists take back video!

8-13 of May Barcelona

a feminist federation of
Systerserver + Ca La Dona

~ A performative event to introduce Fediverse + Peertube (streamed)
~ An install party of Peertube that will be used, maintained and administered by the local community.
~ A videolab + panel (streamed) + performance

For women, lesbians and trans*

more info about the program:

@ooooo @ezn @estragon @natex

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History of Web Browser Engines from 1990 until today

"Many tried, few remain...

The loss of browser diversity since the rise of Chromium has been greatly lamented. Below you can find a graph that shows the historical and present browser engines (not browsers, but the HTML rendering engines), as well as from when to when they were developed. For the bigger engines, the market share is indicated by a coloured shape."


#www #web #browser

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In preparation for a showing of the documentary about French anti-computer saboteurs CLODO, *Machines in Flames*, we compiled a pamphlet of all of the scant writing by the group.


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ATNOFS publication is finally out, digitally, in print and in print-at-home version. Lots of minds contributed to this, grateful to have the memories of a full year of #ATNOFS and #rosa captured in one place. Can’t find everyone’s handles rn but please add more @ccl @l03s @320x200 @wendy @manetta @lidia_p @anglk @estragon @ooooo https://hub.vvvvvvaria.org/rosa/ATNOFS/

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after 2 days of protests and police violence, government states that they'll withdraw the bill, but ppl are staying on the streets to see it actually happen and demand release of detained protesters


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